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Things have been happening in Vietnam. I went back to Vietnam earlier last year to write, together with Gavi Piper, Vietnam’s first comprehensive, country-wide guidebook.

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The release of this stunning new guidebook enables the seasoned climber to effectively navigate climbing of various disciplines including sport, trad, deep water solo and bouldering throughout the country’s inland karst limestone valleys and Ha Long Bay’s towering sea cliffs.

Expeditions of American climbers like Lynn Hill and Todd Skinner in the 1990’s introduced climbing to Ha Long Bay. Since then, climbing in the bay has steadily increased and multiple additional areas have been established inland in northern Vietnam. Deep water solo is especially popular and has been featured in films such as Big Up Productions’ Dosage Vol III and BS Productions’ The Players. Recent development has buoyed Vietnam’s growth into an established stop on South East Asia’s climbing circuit.

Containing comprehensive details on access, accommodation, and other logistics, Vietnam Climbing can be bought in advance of a trip to help during planning stages. The guidebook details 275 sport and 19 trad routes on 29 crags concentrated in four main areas, and 200 deep water solo lines on 20 cliffs in Ha Long Bay. Routes range in difficulty from 4a to 8a.

With 215 full-color pages detailing routes ranging in difficulty from 4a to 8a, the Vietnam Climbing’s photography alone is enough to whet any aspiring adventurer’s appetite for a climbing trip to this beautiful, unique country.



– 215 pages in color

– more than 275 sport climbing routes on 29 crags, from 4a to 8a

– more than 200 deep water solo lines on 20 cliffs, from 4a to 7c+

– trad and bouldering

– 50 pages with additional information (climbing photos, maps, access info, rock climbing history, climate and geology, and other useful information)

– Available on all major Amazon websites 21 GBP, 29 Dollars, 26 Euro

– Also available as part of the climbing app Vertical Life