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Southeast Asia is a collection of articles written on a journey through Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. This book contains seventeen stories about the land, the culture and the people of the region. The texts are illustrated with pictures by Lara Briz and me.

Published in 2016, 200 pages in color. Find it on your country’s Amazon site or contact me via email.


  1. The Dambatenne Tea Plantation, Sri Lanka
  2. Train to Ella, Sri Lanka
  3. Fish Markets, Sri Lanka
  4. 26-DEC-2004, Sri Lanka
  5. Seenigama Devilaya, Sri Lanka
  6. Stilt Fishing, Sri Lanka
  7. Vietnamese Impressions, Vietnam
  8. Chau Doc Rice Harvest, Vietnam
  9. A Bahnar Christmas, Vietnam
  10. The Fairytale City of Hoi An, Vietnam
  11. Reunification Express, Vietnam
  12. Aping Hunting, Cambodia
  13. Yantra Tattoo, Cambodia
  14. Cock Fighting, Cambodia
  15. The Cobra, Cambodia
  16. Butterflies, Laos
  17. Kawah Ijen, Indonesia