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Mountains as far as the eye can see and no sign of human intervention. During our first trekking in Kyrgyzstan we wandered for days in a pristine landscape, meeting only likeminded trekkers and the occasional nomad with his herd of horses. We walked from one lake to the next, between glaciers and up to 6000m high mountains. We were alone, with tent and food for a few days, limited only by our strength and will. What a pleasure to experience true wilderness, something almost impossible to find in central Europe, sadly.

The second part of our journey took us farther west, to Song Kul Lake. We hired a guide and horses and rode into the Jailoo land, the high steppes where the nomads set up their camp and spend the summer with their animals. We spent the nights in yurts, between mountains and on the shore of the lake, being pampered by the nomad family’s mother and gazing at the milky way.

Summer 2017